Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rish Outcast 32: Beggar's Canyon

(written before seeing The Force Awakens)

Today, the new STAR WARS movie comes out. Exciting, yes, but also daunting, a little scary, and potentially sad if I don't enjoy it.  J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job, though, in keeping most of the plot, action, and surprises a secret from us, and I really appreciate that.  The final trailer­­ which was the last thing I saw about the movie, purposely trying to keep myself from spoilers, ­­introduced three characters, and in the segment dedicated to Rey, a voice (Leia?) asks, "Who are you?" and our heroine's response is, "I'm no one."

For some reason, this is the thing that grabbed me hardest in the trailer (though Kylo Ren's devotion to the long-dead Darth Vader, and Han acting as some kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi really struck me as well).  That spoke to me, even though it's out of context and probably not even close to what I'm interpreting it as.

The idea of being a nobody, of not mattering, is something that is always with me. As I've gotten older and seen people around me achieve their dreams, or barring that, putting away their dreams and settling for more ­reachable goals and pursuits, it's become clearer and clearer that I've not made much of my life. That I'm not special or unique or great. That I'm no one.

Sad, sure, but what can you do?

Not long ago, I was in a conversation where I wondered what happened to Luke Skywalker's T­-16 (the flying vehicle he mentions and you see briefly in one scene), and ultimately decided it was probably destroyed by Stormtroopers. But pondering about Luke's life on Tatooine, and what his childhood might have been like got me thinking.

"Beggar's Canyon" was the result. It's a story (probably too long) that takes place on Luke's homeworld, set before we meet him in STAR WARS.  I'm presenting it here on the Rish Outcast (in two parts), and Marshal Latham will be presenting it over on the Delusions of Grandeur podcast (in one part right here). As I say here or next time, this was probably the most pleasurable thing I've written in my adult life (a pleasure to write, not sure about listening to it), and even if it's not a particularly good story, it gave me the opportunity to write in that universe I so love: the Star Wars franchise as it existed in 1995.

I'll be back soon to present the second half of the tale. So if it's at all possible, enjoy.

Here's the link if you'd like to download the file (just Right-Click on it).

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rish Outcast 31: Unconventional Part 2

So, here is the second half of "Unconventional."

I did jot down some plans for a sequel to this tale, but they never went anywhere.  Feel free to encourage me, or say nothing, and I'll forget.

If your thing is to download the file, Right-Click on this here LINK.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Rish Outcast 30: Unconventional

So, in the summer, I recorded a bunch of episodes of my solo podcast, knowing that later in the year, I'd be too busy to record any.  What I didn't realize was, when that time came, I'd be too busy to post the episodes.  Whoops.

So, here is the first half* of "Unconventional," a story I was inspired to write after taking my nephew to his first comic book convention.  Sadly, I asked him this week if he's excited to go to next year's convention with me, and he said, "Nahh."  Time is cruel.

If ye'd like to download yon episode, Right-click THIS.


*Sorry for slicing it in two, but I'll get more of these shows out there if I do this with the stories.  Maybe I'll do a Patreon one day, and it'll all make sense.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name 13: The Cemetery Tale

Since it's pretty close to Halloween, I figured I'd present some kind of scary story on here.  Barring that, I could present a story that's merely "scary."  Maybe next year I'll do better.

Oh, "The Cemetery Tale" is a story I wrote several years ago, based on (mostly) actual experience.  It is one of a trio of stories featuring the same main character, but just between us, Walter is me.

If ye care to download this awful, awful thing, Right-Click on the LINK!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Rish Outcast 29: Boom Clap

Here's a short little show with Rish talking about "Hannibal," a girl he did a drawing for, that song he hears at work every day, and whether his would-be protagonist should have a would-be love interest.

If madness drives you to download the episode, then by all means Right-Click HERE.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Rish Outcast 28: Not-A-Novel

Here's Rish talking while driving through the desert in a car that's supposed to break down.  He discusses the novel he was supposed to write this summer, the various rip-offs he has unintentionally perpetrated, and the mental block he has keeping him from ever being a novelist.

If you really want to download this thing, Right-Click on This Here Link.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name 12: Dracula's Guest

Back before there was a Rish Outcast, I recorded this and another story that never saw the light of day.  Well, here's one of those long-lost episodes, wherein I present "Dracula's Guest," by Bram Stoker.

Afterward, find out if this truly was the first chapter of Stoker's "Dracula," and who owns the original manuscript.  Or don't, I'll never find out if you listened or not.

If you wanna download this episode, why not Right-Click this link here?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Rish Outcast 27: Dry Run Update

Rish talks briefly about his attempt to document writing a novella in the spring of 2015.  Wait, what's a novella again?

If you feel like downloading the audio to your hard drive, Right-click right HERE!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Rish Outcast 26: A Novel in 90 Days?

This is a show I recorded sitting in the backyard one night, talking about "Into the Furnace" and the goal Big and I made of writing a novel over the summer (2015).  There were three potential novel ideas kicking around my head, and one had to make the cut.
There may be a bit more information here than in previous conversations about it.  And maybe not.

If you care to download the audio to your hard drive, Right-click HERE, lads and lasses!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rish Outcast 25: Chalupa Dale - Next Exit

Somewhere on the way to meet somebody, Rish came up with another Outcast episode.  In this one, he presents an awful short story "Chalupa Dale- Next Exit," and he talks.  A lot.

If you feel like downloading the episode directly, right-click HERE and save this thing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rish Outcast 24: Chasing Pavements

No story here either, folks.  Just Rish ruminating on the Adele song "Chasing Pavements," and just what that means regarding his dreams of being a writer.  Also, he gets sidetracked by FSC in there somewhere.

As always, you may download the file HERE, if that's your thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rish Outcast 23: Ask Me No Questions (There and Back Again)

Continuing from last time, I answer Tom Tancredi's probing questions.  I split the list in two because I worried no one would want to hear me talk about myself for ninety minutes.  I never considered that they wouldn't want to hear me talk about myself for half that either.

Also, if there's time, hear me mangle a Tracy Chapman song.

You're welcome.

Download the file HERE, if you like.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rish Outcast 22: Ask Me No Questions (An Unexpected Journey)

Fan and friend of the Dunesteef, Tom Tancredi, recently sent me a list of questions, expecting me to answer each one.  I did so, in my usual, verbose, over-long fashion.

Well, as the hours, days, and weeks passed, it seemed prudent to share them with everyone (i.e., all four of you who listen to the Rish Outcast).  This, technically, should've been an episode of the Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name, but because I recorded the intro in the car, my lawyers say I must refer to it as an Outcast.  Thanks, guys.

To download the episode, right click HERE and save to your dee-vice.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rish Outcast 21: Metacast

Rish talks briefly (alright, semi-briefly) about the point of the podcast and ruminates a bit about creativity.

To download the episode, right click HERE and save to your infernal device.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rish Outcast 20: Creature Feature

Rish presents another of his recent contest-losing stories, this one entitled "Creature Feature."*  One-time TV newswoman Carly Page arrives at an old lighthouse with a plan to interview the man who lives there, but actually hopes to catch a glimpse of a sea monster.

With luck, maybe Renee Chambliss will join Rish on this one, or Fake Sean Connery will treat us with a song.  Either one, but surely, not both.

To download the episode, right click HERE and save to your dee-vice.

*Aka "Lighthouse View."

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rish Outcast 19: The Key Collector

This was an episode that was recorded a long time ago (I know, I know, they all are), and it was supposed to go up before Christmas.  But what the heck, there's not time like the president, right?

This one presents a recent short called "The Key Collector.  I entered a contest where you had to write a story based on a photo of a bank of keys on a wall.  They were not hotel keys, we were told, so I wrote this story.  Needless to say, I was not the winner.

To download the episode, right click HERE and save to your dee-vice.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name 9: "...Comedy Is Hard"

This episode is unlike any I have done before.  It's a lengthy (sprawling? interminable? endless?) essay recorded in one sitting.  The topic is Comedy.  What is off-limits in making people laugh, and do I know the difference between being funny and being offensive?  Can I keep on a single topic for more than five minutes?*  And what does Fake Sean Connery think?

If you've ever wanted a glimpse inside my head, here it is.  You've been warned.

To download the episode, right click RIGHT HERE.

Music for this episode was "Across the Divide" by Kevin McLeod, from

*Spoiler alert: no.