Monday, March 21, 2016

Rish Outcast 38: The Ugly Table (Part Two)

Okay, here's the rest of "The Ugly Table."  If the story IS offensive, as I have suspected, well, here's your chance to hear me apologize.  Or . . . tiptoe around apologizing, at least.

If you're NOT offended by it, well, feel free to let me know in the comments.

If you're interested in my audio story "Lost & Found," here's the link!  And here's the text version on at this link

Feel freer to download the episode by Right-Clicking THIS LINK.

Music by Kevin McLeod of  And special thanks to good old Gino Moretto for the awesome Outcast logo above.  He does great work with no thought of reward, the bastard.


  1. You should apologize... for splitting this great story into two episodes without warning. I really enjoyed the story and typically wait until all parts are out to listen to them because... well Netflix ruined my ability to wait and not binge.

    I really did like this story, and although I can see why someone would be offended, I was not and feel like most people would not. While I don't always like your stories (too much poop for me) I truly enjoy many of them (Birth of a Sidekick, Greetings From the Ninth Sector, the BBQ sketches, Last Contact).

    Keep writing Rish, I'll keep reading/listening!

  2. I, for one, think your un-shared body switching story was fascinating. Dark, yes, but I would love to see how you developed a character who felt such anger at himself (not to mention the power he felt after the switch). Even more so, I would love to see how you choose to perform that interaction, if you put it out in audio.

    That's one of those stories that you should publish! And promote the crap out of it! The number of people (myself included) who deeply connect to that situation may be unnerving in and of itself, but at least that means you'd have an audience.
    I promise to buy it if you ever put it out.

  3. Not offended, but am unable to find the link to "Lost & Found" in the show notes.

    Also, I appreciated the reference in "The Ugly Table" to the burned down Fruish theatre from "Popcorn Movies".

  4. You may not believe this, but this is the FIRST TIME I've ever come to this site. I had no idea there were comments here, and I've certainly never gotten any notification for them (of course, Big A. was the one who set up this page for me, so he may get the comment emails, if any exist).

    So, again with the fuggin poop observation. Sigh. Hopefully, it's only you who is bothered (or thinks that's what I most write about).

    Second, I'm never gonna promote the crap out of any story I write. I'm not Kevin David Anderson (although I did perform his latest audiobook, which should be available soon). I'm about halfway finished with the audio for my novel, and I'm gonna try to promote that one pretty heavily, but this is me we're talking about, so that probably means a single mention on Facebook, a blogpost, a mention on the Dunesteef, and asking Big to Tweet about it.

    Thirdly, I put in the "Lost & Found" link in here, though I don't usually use this blog, and hadn't even considered there might be people who get the show here rather than on my personal blog or some kind of podcatcher. Sorry.

    Again, this is not my main blog, or something I ever even think about. If I knew there were listeners who frequent here, I'd do something about the ugliness of the site. Whoops.

    Hey, thanks for the three comments. You folks rock.