Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rish Outcast 58: And Then What Happened?

In this episode, I talk about the idea of writing continuing series, a book every year or so, the further adventures of characters.  It's a tempting thought, though I don't know whether I'm capable of such things.

If I recall correctly, this episode was originally titled "Rish Outfield Will Return."  But that's just too positive for the likes of me, or at least it could be read that way.

If y'all fancy downloading this here episode, just Right-Click on Big Mister Link.


  1. Hey there, Rish!

    I'm a crappy fan. I totally forgot to check for new Outcasts for over a year. Upon realizing this I started using my commute time to catch up, and today finished listening to every new Rish Outcast since #26.

    That means that I listened to over half the Outcasts you've ever released almost back-to-back, with only short breaks for new That Gets My Goats. I got a concentrated dose of all those things you worry about, like listeners hearing you "say the same stuff repeatedly," or us hearing "too many episodes" that don't have stories in them.

    And my only regrets after this listening spree?

    A) Missing out on new episodes when they were new.
    2) Not paying for any of your stuff yet.
    C) Not commenting more often.
    pi) Running out of episodes to listen to.

    Thank you! Not just for all the work you do putting out so much awesome free stuff, but for all of the YOU that you put into your stuff.

    Keep being honest and doing what feels right to you. Whether that's making offhanded remarks that aren't politically correct or that's putting cats into meat grinders while praising how good dogs are (dogs are way better than cats, for the record), keep it up. After all, it's your show, we're just invited.

    I'm going to fix problem #2 above. I skipped episode #55 and will get Into the Furnace to listen to them both during my holiday travel. Really looking forward to it! You also have some story collections, and apparently A Sidekick's Journey? Awesome.

    Someday soon you may see my name on a long overdue Dunesteef donation. Big is a great, gassy guy and I really appreciate how much work he's also done, but if it weren't for you there's no chance I'd have been a long-time listener, let alone be interested in donating.

    Thanks again, and congratulations on now being Noted Novelist Rish Outfield!

    Chalupa for you, Rish,

    PS: More on topic, I'm looking forward to reading Journey 2: Sidekick Boogaloo, and like the idea of any other sequels you might make. Not only is there no shame in it, I kinda feel like well-made story sequels are minor celebrations of what the writer liked in their own past work, and of their readers getting to see more of something they enjoyed.

    PPS: Even more off topic... To me, Rest Stop was about having trouble leaving the past behind (i.e. taking a long drive in the wrong direction thinking about a relationship that he seemed to feel like he was already over, "incidentally" naming his dog after a dog that had passed away, probably more), and that moment he dragged himself back to his vehicle barely alive felt symbolic of that last painful moment before actually moving on. Also, did I miss a final reference to Gero, or did the dog not make it back to the truck? That also felt like another parting with the past (plus you killing the dog off, which I'm glad you didn't shy away from).

    What was Rest Stop about to you?

  2. Rob, I almost never check this website, since my main blog is But every time I post a new show, I come here, and today I discovered your long (and generous) comment.

    Thank you very much for the kind words! It pleases and encourages me, even though I'll forget anyone ever said anything nice to me within a day to two.

    In 2016, I tried to write more often and podcast whenever I got the chance, and I certainly accomplished one of those. As it stands, I probably have eleven or twelve shows recorded for 2017, so there will be more content to be had.

    A friend of mine has a (quite successful) Patreon fund, and writes a story for her fans every month, regardless of how hard she's working at her job and her novels. I would really like to do that as well, but as Harry said, "A man's gotta know his limitations." I fear that my ambition would run out before the two people who supported me did.

    But it's tempting. The idea of, say, writing a Christmas-centric Ben Parks story for December, or a scary one for Arbor Day is certainly attractive. Someday, Jennifer, someday.

    As far as "Rest Stop" goes . . . well, it's not really very deep or significant. I love how you read symbolism and meaning in there, when to me, it was nothing more than "Woman in woods story," its original title.

    I wonder if a line or two got cut out, because the dog most definitely made it back to the truck. The "woman" had used the dog to lure in her prey, and once she got what she wanted, she didn't care if either of them lived or died in the snow.

    Her motivations don't need to be clear, since she's "The Other" and you want them to be at least a little alien.

    Anyhow, I don't disagree with you about the meaning of "Rest Stop," but its main point was just to be scary. I'm still learning, even after all this time.

    Again, thanks for all the comments, and I hope you enjoy the episodes to come.