Monday, February 13, 2017

Rish Outcast 65: Dead Letter

I'm no fan of Valentine's Day, so let's not call this my V.D. episode.  But, please get your junk checked out anyhow.

So, today I'm presenting the last story by Rish Outfield Big Anklevich's wife ever heard (and maybe it was the first too), and if I'm not lucky, it'll be the last episode you ever listen to either.  It's called "Dead Letter," and you know exactly what I'm gonna say about it.

Still, I try.

NOTE: When I originally shared this episode, there was a problem with the file, and a third or so of the story got cut out.  Feel free to like it now . . . if you can.

Wanna download the episode?  Just Right-Click THIS LINK HERE and save it to your dee-vice.

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