Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rish Outcast 75: Goodnight Moviehouse

There really ought to be a comma in there.

So, this is something I recorded really recently when the local neighborhood movie theater closed down.  It was among the shortest episodes I've ever produced . . . so I decided to write a little something for after the show.  Padding, if you will.

Hey, you wanna download the episode directly?  Simply Right-Click on THIS LINK.


  1. Man, this one gave me feelings. I loved the story, but your personal story about the movie theatre struck a cord with me. We have a Drive-In one town over and they have done a lot to save it, so far they've been successful, and your talk just made me appreciate it even more.

    1. That's nice to hear, SV. What's sad about our local theater is that, they closed it all that time ago (March, I think) and yet the developers that bought it still haven't done anything with it. It still sits, unchanged, with the marquee that says, "Thanks for 28 years" or whatever, instead of being torn down, as I expected it would be.

      I could have seen ten to twenty movies there since it closed if they had let them stay in business until they were ready to raze the building.