Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rish Outcast 35: Schlontz . . . And Other Unforgivable Sins

Rish gets a bee in his bonnet about pseudoprofanity in a book he read, and speculates about deal-breakers in audio work and writing.

Warning: there's gonna be some real cursing in this episode.  It would be f**king shameful if there wasn't.  Oh, and Fake Sean Connery presents the only song he's ever given up halfway through.

Calamity, just download the episode by Right-Clicking HERE.  Sparks!

By the way, the actual word in the book was "slontz."  And that's SO very different.


  1. Before the past six months, I could not have understood or even agreed with what you said about depression. I had a good life, stable family, blah, blah, blah. Typical story leading up to the statement that I never thought I would be someone who would have to fight with depression.
    It sucks. It doesn't even make sense while you're in it, and that makes it all the worse. I have to say that how you talked about your issues really resonated with my experience. Like you said, the way I've learned to live with it is more of a compromise than a victory, but it works for me.

    Thank you for sharing this! It was most decidedly not a piece of schlontz.

  2. Thank you, sir. I recorded another Outcast a couple of months back when I was feeling pretty blue, and I ought to post it on here. Trouble is, I never know whether I dare be totally candid on the show or not. I am tempted to, because it usually feels like one of those late night Gary Cole radio programs where I'm just talking to myself, accompanying faceless truckers that are on the road and missing their families (or their mistresses or dogs [or their mistresses' dogs]) who just wanna hear another human voice.

    I sometimes wish I could do that for a job, because I like to hear myself talk, and think I could keep it up for a shift or two. Of course, I have zero life experience, so I doubt I'd be interesting for a single show, let alone five nights a week.