Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This blog isn't really a blog

This was created just to house the various episodes of the Rish Outcast.

But I wonder what would happen if I actually treated it like a blog.  Would anyone notice?  Has anyone ever actually gone to this blog, and read the posts?

The other day, my buddy Merrill was talking about how his kid, who was potty-trained long ago (in just about the most horrible way imaginable, according to me), has started to defecate in his pants.  Not just once or twice, but every single time he takes a dump, he goes in his pants.  And the way he described it, it was every single day.  Merrill would be sitting on the couch, watching Blue Is the Warmest Colour with his kid, and suddenly, he'd smell something unbearably foul.  The child had decided he would rather brown his underwear than walk the fifteen feet to the bathroom.

He also told me they were going on a roadtrip, and the child, rather than saying something, simply soiled himself in the car, leaving his parents without a clean change of clothes and filling the vehicle with a noxious stench.  Merrill ranted and raved about it in a way that you would probably find unattractive, but that I found refreshingly candid.

So the next time I saw the child, I took him aside and said, "Hey kiddo, don't feel so bad.  I'm a middle-aged man, and I shit my pants all the time."

Apparently, Merrill did not find this helpful.

Thanks for your time.

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